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Molly Tri Zip Coin Purse

This is a fantastic little multi function leather coin purse which comes in many colours. The beauty is it has three separate zips. One can be used for change and one for notes and another can fit credit cards. A great idea for storing money when using a small bag or as a holiday purse where you want to keep currencies separate. It is crafted in a soft leather, has a hard wearing lining and comes in a stylish gift box.

Available in Green, Purple, Berry, Navy, Red, Orange and Black

Price £12.00

Zip Round Tray Purse

A super little gents tray purse crafted in a top quality, gloss finish, soft leather. the enclosure is a full zipper which opens to reveal an inner, fully flexible tray which folds in on itself when it closes. The tray, also of leather will enable the user to carry numerous coins and also makes it very easy to shuffle the change forward to really see what you have. All in all a very practical coin holder. Weighs 69 grams

Available in Black, Red and Tan

Price £13.90

Zen Zip Coin Purse

Basic pouch coin purse with a zip top and with a front zipper pocket also.

Available in Black/Tan, Black/Brown, Black and Black/Purple

Price £10.90

Biddenden Leather Gents Tray Purse

Slightly larger version tray purse in a sleek high finish smooth leather.This will take numerous coins and not too difficult to get your hand into as many of the other trays out there are. You can shuffle your coins forward into the tray and easily see what you have in loose change. It also has a convenient lip to use as a hold to tug open. Fantastic product.

Available in Black and Tan

Price £16.90

Squeeze Coin Purse

Coin purse operating in a really individual way. Squeeze either side to open fully and then releasing snaps it shut again.

Available in Tan and Black

Price £12.50

Biddenden Leather Gents Tray Purse/notecase

Square shaped tray purse with added flip with note area.Will accommodate all size notes with two extra slips either side of the note area for stamps or receipts. The actual tray for coins is a decent area 9.5cm square meaning that a lot of coins can be held. The purse is fashioned in sleek high quality leather with a shine with fine stitching. It is held enclosed with a press stud for safety.

Available in Black and Tan

Price £22.00

Zip Top Coin Purse with Front Pocket

Tiny little coin purse with just enough room for a credit card and some loose change.

Available in Fuschia Pink, Purple, Brown, Red, Mint Green, Black, Navy and Dark Green

Price £12.90

Coin Purse

Good sized coin purse in the softest of leathers. With three separate zippers.

Available in Lime D, Lilac F, Bright Pink B, Black A, Red G, Grape and Sea

Price £13.90

Coin Purse

For the ultimate in coin purses the rugged Coin Purse really cannot be beaten.

Available in Orange, Lime, Turquoise, Pink, Purple and Black

Price £13.90

Coin Purse

Every so often a different coin purse changes everything. The fun new Coin Purse breaks new ground.

Available in Bright Pink E, Red H, Turquoise, Purple F, Taupe J, Black G, M3 Pink/Purple/Green, Navy I and M2 B Berry/Mag/Lil/Dusk

Price £9.90

Coin Purse

Combining admirable styling and functional design the Coin Purse sets a new benchmark for coin purses.

Available in Bright Pink B, Black A, Red G, Sea, Lilac F, Lime D and Grape

Price £12.90

Coin Purse Clip Top

Pleasant, the Coin Purse Clip Top is a coin purse for the young, the old and those somewhere in the middle. Tipped to win the Coin Purse of the year 2012.

Available in Violet, Grape, Turquoise and Sand

Price £16.90